Registration Deadline

Sunandan, JiaLe, Andi Retno Budiarty registered in the competition

Mission and Purpose

The SMART (SATU Mobility Action for Regional Talents) Program was initiated during the 2016 SATU Steering Committee Meeting to promote cross-border education cooperation among SATU member universities. In order to promote “cultural competence” among students in our member universities, a new program named SMART 2.0 was proposed during the 2018 SATU Steering Committee Meeting.

The SATU theme for 2020 is “Forging Creative Pathways with International Education – Utilizing Local Resources to Diversify Outreach and Innovation.” The main objective is to utilize creative and forward-thinking international education that can provide solutions to the local and global issues we are facing in our rapidly changing world, such as the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Dates