The SMART (SATU Mobility Action for Regional Talents) Program was initiated during the 2016 SATU Steering Committee Meeting to promote cross-border cooperation in education among SATU member universities. Five member universities signed the SMART Program Letter of Intent on November 11th, 2016, including the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, the Institut Teknologi Bandung, the Universiti Malaysia Sabah, the University of Malaya, and the National Cheng Kung University.



In order to promote “cultural competence” among the undergraduate students in our member universities, a new program named SMART 2.0 was proposed during the 2018 SATU Steering Committee Meeting. This program echoes the 2018 SATU theme, namely “Cultivating Culturally Competent and Globally Engaged Talents,” and aims to promote cross-cultural teamwork by having groups of undergraduate students from different countries work together. Student teams will be partly judged on their ability to utilize cultural diversity as an asset, not a liability. They will compete on solving important issues affecting the Southeast and South Asian regions. More importantly, students will team up with partners possessing diverse expertise, for it is hoped that this program will promote a deeply-rooted cross-disciplinary approach to realizing innovative solutions.



In 2019, the SATU theme is “Incorporating Social Responsibility into Our Universities: Challenges, Opportunities, and Possibilities.” The main objective is to initiate changes that can help societies to be more productive and to live healthier, while also seeking to understand and address the world’s challenges.