We identify five main problems that distance learners commonly face, and also come up with a few ideas to tackle them. The first problem is, “students tend to cheat such as turn the video off during the class”, and we suggest teachers could prepare interactive games to make sure student understands the lesson and also give no space methods for students to cheat during exams. The second hurdle is, “many students don’t have proper device to learn online”, and we think the libraries with computer should allow students make appointment to keep learning in safe environment. The struggle student had to face is “students get easily distracted while staring at the screen for a long time or affected by the surroundings”, and we recommend students to be self- discipline to turn off their social media while learning and choose a quiet place before class starts. The fourth one is, “students cannot understand the teaching content as teachers might be fast during online classes”, and we advise teachers to provide videos for students to learn repeatedly or give an assignment to students to review and discuss. The recorded videos will be even helpful for students during exams. The final issue students deal with is, “students don’t get benefits of curriculum activities which conducted on normal school based learning”, and we recommend teachers provide more discussible courses, so the students get the vibes of communication with each others.

Team Leader

Alli Malar Harikrishnan

University of Malaya


Luo Hao

University Putra Malaysia


Shan-Ni Liu

National Cheng Kung University


Carissa Nabila Putri

Universitas Airlangga