During the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of students globally are being forced to attend online classes exclusively. While e-learning provides flexibility in time and space, there have been challenges that have proven to discourage both the teachers and the students. Teachers struggle with face adaptability during online classes while students have a lack of motivation in this virtual environment. To solve these problems, our team members have developed some gamification strategies to promote engagement of students and help teachers track their students’ progress.
Firstly, by using existing coding platforms online such as ScratchTM and Unity3D, we developed some customizable games which can help educators make online classes interesting, and more engaging. Secondly, we thought that online learning could be made shareable on social media. We wished to break the prejudice of linking social media with and so, we utilized it as a learning platform that  could use augmented reality (AR) filters to display what students are going to learn in their classes. For example, when the topic is about animals, teachers can employ animal filters to promote better understanding. Lastly, we also wished to contribute to the teachers who are still not familiar/comfortable with online teaching. To address this issue, we proposed to begin a start-up that works on making tutorial videos and/or customized games for them, based on the content provided by them. We’re optimistic that our efforts can make online learning funnier and more interactive than just a mandatory formality.


Team Leader

Lee Chin Chan

Universiti Putra Malaysia


Munkhbayasgalan Chinbat

National Cheng Kung University


Firman Syah

Khon Kaen University


Gracella Patricia

University of Indonesia


Kripa Chitre

Indian Institute of Science