சTự 사突 さtu

சTự 사突 さtu

As distance learners, we experience varied challenges due to our location, connectivity, and education models. We were able to group these challenges into five overarching themes. First, learning has become more complicated as learners have found it increasingly difficult to interact, engage, and collaborate during their virtual classes. The existence of distractions at their homes also has a compounding effect in their struggle to stay focused during lessons. Second, teaching has also been arduous for many educators as they struggle to adapt existing pedagogy with technology in the new normal. Educators can also not conduct certain classes remotely since some subjects, such as the sciences, require in-person instruction in labs. Third, it is difficult to uphold academic integrity since proctoring online quizzes and exams can be an arduous task. Consequently, cheating has become more rampant during the conduct of these assessments. Fourth, varying levels of accessibility to the internet and IT gadgets have become a discriminatory factor in receiving their education. There is also a growing divide between the rich and poor when we compare the internet's strength and stability. Fifth, both learners and educators have found that it is hard to separate their personal and professional lives with distance learning. There have also been many instances of learners contacting their educators after the stipulated working hours. Hence, in our video, we propose short-term solutions adopted by various nations in insolation alongside our original long-term solution to address aforementioned challenges.

Team Leader

Celine Leo

National University of Singapore


Satishkumar Subendran

National Cheng Kung University


Yohendran Nadar Arulthevan

University of Malaya


Muhammad Fajrin Mubarak Basyar

Universitas Indonesia