Over the world, thousands of instructors were forced to switch their traditional courses to distance courses due to COVID-19 pandemic. Switching to distance course is not easy task where instructors need to consider many new variables in their design. Forgetting even one element or misalign between elements in the design process may impact greatly to overall students learning experiences. Therefore, we proposed MIVI toolkit as a design tools to facilitate university and college instructors in designing their distance courses with the hope to create the best possible learning experiences to its learner.
MIVI toolkit is an effective tool to help instructor becoming more effective at facilitating learning. MIVI toolkit came with (1) a set distance learning experience canvas, (2) a wide varieties of reference cards, and a guided book. Following the principle of backward design, the canvas consists of connected questions that provide structure focusing on “outcomes first”, enabling instructors to follow the process and focus on what’s the most important things. The connected box helps for rapid feedback and alignment check. The reference cards can act as second brain, sparking critical reflection creativity, and empathy. Instructors can do various motion such as sort, rank, sequence, and combine between different types of card to produce a new learning experiences. Furthermore, MIVI Toolkit is versatile, can be used for every subjects, and even non-distance learning situation. It also very easy to use and cost-effective. No fancy technology required, all you need to do is print and you are ready to go. In conclusion, MIVI toolkit is simple toolkits, but effectively facilitate instructors to move forward!

Team Leader

Nguyen Dinh Huy

The University of Danang–University of Science and Technology


Wen Li Seow

Universiti Putra Malaysia


Agoeng Bhimasta

National Tsing Hua University