Peak Performers

Peak Performers

Team Peak Performers introduces M.E.G.A: Make E-learning Great Again, our two pronged solution targeting problems faced by both Teachers and Students. It consists of Teacher+ and Peak Learning. Teacher+ enables teachers to monitor the attentiveness of students hassle free. Our team created an innovative algorithm via machine learning that enabled the algorithm to recognize students’ attentiveness levels. Through our proprietary facial recognition software, the software recognizes user characteristics such as blinking, yawning and lack of focus away from the screen in order to determine the levels of attentiveness. The software would then alert the teacher in real time if the student was not paying attention. With the network effect, Teacher+ would become more efficient and accurate with a greater number of users, simplifying the monitoring process of students, for teachers. Peak Learning introduces game design distance learning where students learn through “missions” with a point system designed to engage the student before, during and after class. Gamification will increase the engagement levels of students as it takes away the stressful nature of tests and rewards good learning behaviour. Ultimately, Peak Learning aims to deepen students’ love of learning while continuing to deliver quality and impactful education. A limitation of our team was that our team had difficulties meeting physically and regularly due to busy schedules and time differences, which resulted in lags in productivity. Nonetheless all teammates concur that it was an enriching experience to be able to freely exchange ideas and cultural practices amongst SATU’s best and brightest.


Team Leader

Claire Tham

National University of Singapore


My Vo

International University - Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City


Amit Singh

Indian Institute of Science


Dewi Nabilah Anwar

Universitas Airlangga


Lafi Munira

Chulalongkorn University