Trident A.I.dea

Trident A.I.dea

To solve the challenges arising from distance learning, we introduced a platform application which integrates various innovative technology such as virtual reality, language comprehension, image and facial recognition features to enhance overall learning experiences. Our platform can be implemented with different schools, enabling them to tap onto the benefits of technological solutions and improve education delivery.

  1. Virtual and augmented reality can be used to address the lack of hands-on practicals. By creating a virtual world which allows users to visualize customizable environments and interact with them, it will provide students with a more realistic learning experience.
  1. To help athletes and students better understand the correct postures for physical classes, our platform incorporates instructional videos and image recognition technology which tracks user’s body and joint movements and provides immediate feedback for improvement.
  1. Facial recognition technology can be used to monitor students’ facial expressions and attentiveness during online lessons. This feature helps lecturers gauge their own teaching and improve the way they deliver content so students can better understand. Furthermore, this improves the security of the system as it authenticates online learners.
  1. To improve academic integrity for remote examinations, we recommend instructing students to complete their exams while turning on their camera at the side for proctoring. This prevents students from cheating or receive unauthorized assistance, thereby creating a robust system of examination conduct.
Implementing our integrative platform together with comprehensive regulations will improve students’ interests in learning while creating a secure, interactive and safe learning environment for everyone.

Team Leader

Yun Yao Chang

The National University of Malaysia


Shang Welly Chin

University of Indonesia


Jason Sim

National University of Singapore