The recent six-month period is such a strange, difficult time that none of us could ever forget. The outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic has brought not only us but also the world many difficulties in every aspect. Social distance is the most important strategy to prevent the outspread of the disease, that leads to a new era of learning system called “distance learning”. However, this learning method has several drawbacks. One of the problems that commonly occurs is the internet connection. To solve this,  the government should cooperate with schools and universities to set up wireless internet services throughout the country and provide effective platforms and resources for both teachers and students to achieve good quality education. The next constraint to be addressed is study motivation. Students may stay at home in such comfortable conditions like suitable beds with air conditioning, and yet, they get lazy. Imagine that if we can turn our online lecture into a pop quiz competition, how active would our lecture be? Every student stands a limited rush chance to answer with the award of 10% class participation point. This would not only enhance interaction between students and professors but also give students more self-learning initiatives. In summary, distance learning would be effective if we can successfully deal with those above-mentioned problems. What mainly makes distance learning difficult is our laziness due to comfort zones at home. Therefore, nothing other than changing ourselves is a better solution to the effectiveness of distance learning.


Team Leader

Abil Dermail

Khon Kaen University


Chloe Liang

National University of Singapore


Trung Kien Hoang Nguyen

National Cheng Kung University


Tanchanok Nualpolkrang

Suranaree University Of Technology