ICTC (International Covid Tech Connect)

ICTC (International Covid Tech Connect)

The present education is facing problems due to Covid-19 outbreak which shifted institutions to an online system; its implementation had brought drawbacks, especially the lack of coverage and interaction. However, it is less costly and more flexible. To ameliorate the current problems that students are facing, our proposed solutions are interactive platform, AREDU, and rental service of technology equipment, MOVEDU.
A service provided in areas that lack of internet connection and tech devices; it has the purpose to supply students in remote places with rental services of equipment, such as, internet, laptops, and tablets.
*Information and deposits are required.
A computer and mobile platform help students and professors to eradicate problems, like:

  • Time Management:  It will set reminders when detects a student is procrastinating (ex, using social media instead of working on due assignments), schedule live events and offers the flexible option of watching a lecture anytime a student requires it.
  • Language Support:  Comes with subtitles in multiple language using Artificial Intelligence (AI.)
  • Interaction & Span of Attention:
    • Lecturers can make use of interactive resources, such as, augmented reality animations, making-decision game, trivia game, and quizzes.
    •  Offers a Chabot to help students solve simple questions.       
  • Accessibility: Content of a class/course can be downloaded for students who do not have a stable internet connection.
  • Feedback: Live sessions are available to discuss complex questions.
Tutorial: https://youtu.be/cKAjPerNcro

Financial support: Ministry of Education, NGOs, and donations
Social impactTwo targeted SDGs goals: Quality of Education (4) & Reducing Inequalities (10).  


Team Leader

Erica Tze Kar Lee

University Putra Malaysia


Carlos Leon

National Tsinghua University


Syafrina Tijjani

University of Indonesia


Truong Dinh Hieu

National Cheng Kung University