During this Covid-19 pandemic, tertiary students have entered unfamiliar territory. Despite being the generation of digitalisation, it is inevitable for students to experience problems like adapting, connectivity, and socialisation issues. Considering all these, we went deeper and realised what was lacking was the new unseen gap between students and educators during online learning. Thus, our solution has to take into account how educators take on new roles to engage students and reach out to them.
Enter Learn Dash. This is Spectra’s envisioned school management system to serve students and educators in the spirit of online education, with three purposes. An emotional detection system to enhance online learning. Emotions such as happiness, stress, and anxiety are recorded so that educators can track them. While institutions have access to this information, to make informed decisions to improve students’ mental issues and identify hidden issues among students. Learn Dash also provides direct feedback on classes for students and educators. Now, students can play a part in ensuring the quality of online classes they take. On the other hand, educators can communicate with their superiors and colleagues to share insights to improve processes and teaching methods. Lastly, Learn Dash makes online education accessible and friendly. Using our scheduling component, students can keep track of the classes. They can access pre-allocated videos and readings to learn by themselves and chat with other students to enhance their learning curve using the forum. This reduces unnecessary online zoom classes which can be less productive.

Team Leader

Jeremy Kai Lun Ng

National University of Singapore


June Chai

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman


Zhi Yong Cha

University of Malaya


Pandu Dwi Luhur Pambudi

National Cheng Kung University